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Valeo_LogoVALEO (va-LAY-oh) Derived from the Latin meaning for “to thrive,” Valeo offers programming adapted specifically to help residents with memory impairments foster their social, intellectual, spiritual, and physical well-being under the medical guidance of on-site physicians.

Valeo is integrated into every aspect of care and service at The Brielle’s Staten Island memory care community. Customized to the individual, Valeo allows residents to thrive and have meaningful interactions through one-on-one programs, build relationships with others, and grow connections through positive approaches to socialization.

Every person’s life experiences and needs are unique, so our programs are adapted to the individual. We assess each resident’s interests and abilities, then build a personalized approach to create moments of joy. Each resident’s legacy and passions are honored through our Valeo Signature Programs, which increase awareness, cognition and engagement; stimulate pleasant long-term memories; provide joy and pleasure; and decrease anxiety and agitation.

Masterpiece Living® uses a research-based and comprehensive approach that offers support and tools to:

  • Measure and therefore substantiate success from utilization of the programs
  • Be cutting-edge and therefore offer a true market differentiator
  • Meet the rapidly growing expectations of the older consumer, and more importantly for the assisted living community, the adult child
  • Offer residents and their children lifestyle and mobility reviews that measure progress
  • Support residents in achieving their desired successful aging goals

The Four Components of Wellness

The Valeo wellness philosophy centers on holistic care, maintaining and improving what is commonly referred to as the four components of wellness:

1. Physical: Engaging in self-care through both activity and proper nutrition

2. Social: Strengthening and developing existing and new relationships — both with people and pets

3. Intellectual: Performing creative, stimulating exercises to re-ignite memories and preserve cognition

4. Spiritual: Reserving time to connect with one’s personal beliefs


staten island memory care Frequently asked questions

What is a memory care facility?

A memory care community offers assisted living services with a specialized focus on people who have memory loss, due to conditions such as dementia or Alzheimer's disease. Staff members in these communities are trained to assist those with the unique struggles and needs that accompany these conditions — with kindness, dignity and expert care.

Staten Island memory care communities, like The Brielle, offer activities that build structured routines and reduce stress for people living with memory loss, while providing a safe and engaging living environment. They have security features, like alarmed doors, to keep residents safely within the community. These communities provide just the right amount of assistance with daily living tasks — such as grooming, bathing and eating — allowing residents to live as independently as possible through each stage of memory loss.

What is the average cost of memory care in the US?

AARP estimates the average cost of assisted living is $4,000 a month. Memory care adds $1,000 to $4,000 to this monthly cost because of the higher level of care needed in this type of community. Costs vary based on location, size of the apartment or room and whether the individual is in a private room.

What types of memory care activities does The Brielle include?

The Brielle offers memory care activities that cover a wide range of physical, social, intellectual and spiritual needs. This includes creative arts expression, stimulating cognitive games and social opportunities.

Activities are both enjoyable and enriching, such as the Create and Compose art and music program, the creation of Legacy Kits to support long-term memory, Travel Times to offer little getaways to new places and the Creature Comforts pet therapy program. Exercise and good nutrition are built into each day at The Brielle as well.

Does Medicare cover memory care facilities?

Medicare will pay for partial costs of memory care. For example, Medicare Part D will pay for many prescription medications. Traditional Medicare coverage does not cover the cost of a memory care community, however. PACE (Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly), which is a combination of Medicare and Medicaid, can help with some of the costs of memory care, and people with dementia or similar memory concerns may be eligible for this program. PACE is designed to give people access to memory and dementia care so they do not have to move into a skilled nursing home community.

Helping hands to help minds thrive.

Individuals who build a career at The Brielle are filled with optimism and a genuine desire to help others. You don’t just work at The Brielle – you care, motivate, and engage.

Our industry-leading training programs teach all staff — even non-clinically licensed employees such as operations, dining, or housekeeping — how to compassionately support the day-to-day needs of residents with memory impairments while finding ways to engage with them. Our methods and leadership give staff permission to slow down, make connections, and gain a deeper understanding of residents’ lives.

Every person on staff — from housekeepers to bookkeepers to the kitchen and wellness teams — are considered care providers in the community and are trained to go above and beyond. Staff take time to truly get to know each resident, and work every day to create moments of joy. Employees are encouraged to blend personal interests and experiences with the lives of residents, lead group programs and interact on a regular basis. Residents have endless opportunities to stay engaged in positive experiences, yet can always find privacy and quiet time when they need it.

For the Valeo philosophy to achieve success, we encourage families to play a key role in engaging residents and rekindling joy and memories. Valeo is an opportunity to preserve the legacy and memories of family members for new generations.


Putting yourself in the shoes of someone living with Alzheimer’s, or other forms of dementia, is a great way to help you understand and communicate effectively with your family member or friend.

We understand that it is difficult to care for someone living with dementia without having walked in their shoes. The Virtual Dementia Tour lets caregivers personally experience the tough day-to-day challenges those with dementia face. The empathy and patience you will feel for people with dementia following this sensory simulation experience is immediate.

As part of the Valeo™ memory care programming, our team is certified to introduce caregivers to the Virtual Dementia Tour. To learn about when the next Virtual Dementia Tour will be offered here or to hear more about how residents at our Staten Island memory care home community are thriving, call 929-256-3005  today.

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